font section in old version.

could you send to me a photo/screen of the personalyze menù of the typography section.


  • Hi, @toffa97

    At the customizer settings, Typography setting is given. You can navigate the settings to change the font style of the menu. ( Screenshot )

    Let me know if any confusion!

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    Hi Imraz,

    I have some problem with the typography in my site.

    I'm confused, because if i set something on desktop mode, it's too different on moblie. 

    I try to explain at my best. 

    1) i set the size of something, ex. the site description to 16px;
    2) if i watch it from the pc i see that something is different
    3) if i watch it from the phone, it's the same or, somethimes, i can't notice difference between after and before the update.
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    Hi, toffa97

    Typography settings do not include the settings for the site description. You have to change it using the custom CSS. Try to paste the below custom CSS in the customizer Additional CSS box:

    /*site description font size*/
    font-size: 19px;
    /*site description font size*/

    Let me know did it work!

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