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Hi to everyone,

i have a big problem with the indexing of my site.

Google put image on the search result, with "All in one SEO" (plugin) i blocked the image, but they still be on the engine. How could i put the meta tag for no index in the specific page of the image? like 

!!!IF U TRY TO ENTER IN THIS PAGE YOU WILL REDIRECT TO THE HOME (another plugin function, used temporally for redirect)!!!

how could i put the meta tag inside a specific page head?


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    Hi, @toffa97

    However, your query is related to the SEO plugin. Better you further query about it to the plugin author.

    For specific post/page you can disable the SEO from its edit page. Refer this screenshot:

  • hello Imraz,

    My problem is linked to the attachment page, and, in general, to all the page.

    I would like to insert the meta tag for the "no index" of google inside some specific page, how could i do this?

    How could i enter and modify the <head> ... </head> in the specific page?
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    This code adds meta tag of "noindex" in the <head> tag for the attachment pages whose IDs are passed. The code you can copy from THIS link. You can add edit ID like in this screenshot:

    If want to apply to all the attachment page you can use this CODE to paste.

    Either you paste this code using Code Snippets plugin or can paste it at very last of the existing code of theme's functions.php file.

    Let me know if any confusion!

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