Logo image size - cannot make the logo bigger as 210x53

Hi guys, 

how can i make the logo image bigger than the standard?

I only can add a logo in Website Information -> Edit Logo. There is no option to make it "bigger".

Can you help me?

thx a lot


  • Hi, @lahnit

    Thanks for contacting us!

    We restricted the width up to 210px however you can crop height more than 53px. This because to maintain the header layout. However we would not recommend but you can enable the logo crop more than preferred width/height just of using THIS code to paste in the code snippets plugin. Then try you can crop image now to any size.

    Let me know if any confusion!

  • Hi, this had no effect taken. i tried it without "cropping" the picture. the picture e.g. logo had the exact measure so it works. but is not so the best solution. my other discussion is currently more relevant. i cant use the the i buyed for ;-(
  • with the code snippet i can create my logo and then using the function "without cropping" during inserting the logo i can get my original size.
    please close thread.

    For the future it will be usable, when you insert a feature, that the user can change his logo size in easiest way.

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