Cannot change background color

Cannot change background color.
The changes in theme style settings doesnt take any effect.
Neither Wide or Boxed Layout and predefined background is visible.
Only when i switch to another menu point, it is shortly visible for a millisecond and then hidden forever.

I dont know why. Plugins are deactivated.

Please help.


  • Hi, @lahnit

    Thanks for contacting us!

    Yes keep your plugins disabled/deactivated and delete all your browser's cache memory. Then after try again and let me know.

  • Hi imraz, 

    thx for your responce. all plugins deactivated.
    themes uninstalled an reinstalled spice pro theme.

    it doese have no effect taken. also the same problem.

    browser caches deleted, chrome browser or edge browser, same problem. please help ;-)
  • Hi, @lahnit

    It's strange. Can you please share your site login details on my email address so that I can debug this issue.

  • Hi, i have sent you an email with the login details.

    over: (look also in spam please?)
  • Hi, i get no answer for my emails.
    please contact me. thx.
  • Bug Wide or Boxed Layout is fixed. Thx. For Background color i will open a separate thread.
  • Please close this thread.
  • Wide or Boxed Layout is fixed via email!
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