Slider animation time


I'm looking for away to increase animation speed on the slide I need it to go at least 12

Please advice 

thx //Nico


  • Hi, @nbentsendk

    For slider, in the customizer settings you can change the animation speed. 

    Have you checked our help article LINK for the same?

  • Hi imraz

    I know :) but it only goes up to 6 sec, I need it to be longer .. 
  • edited April 2019
    Hi, @nbentsendk

    If you have not installed child theme of SpicePress theme then you can download child theme from below attachment to install. In the child theme their is a file with customized code i.e. index-slider.php. You can delete this file from child theme folder whenever you don't need the animation speed to 6 sec.

    In case only if you are running already the child theme of SpicePress theme then just create a file in the child theme folder with name index-slider.php, edit it and paste the code in it from otherwise you don't need just simple download the attachment zip to upload it same like the theme.

    Let me know did it work!

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