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Hello, I've purchased the pro version of your template: SpicePress WordPress Theme, and I have some difficulties. 
I need my website to be in Hebrew, but when I changed it to the Hebrew version the website became messy, the slider disappeared and doesn't work, the menus makes errors and I can't work with it or fix it.
On the other hand, when I use the English version, the menus upward that supposed to be from right to left, appears from left to right and I can't change it. when the menus appears ok on the computer, the order is different on the mobile phone. Are you familiar with those problems? Can you tell me how to fix it?
Also when I bought the template, there was an expiration date. What will expire in a year? The support for the template or the template? Will I have to purchase it again after one year?


  • hello, did someone answer you about the expiration date? thank you!
  • PRO theme is for a LIFETIME. However, our premium support & updates of theme remain valid for 1-year. Only to continue receiving our theme's support and updates you need to renew our theme subscription package after 1-year. But your purchased PRO theme version with updates within 1-year will remains for you to use for the lifetime. You can run our PRO theme version for unlimited domains also.

    To know more about us, please refer our Terms & Conditions.

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