Innofit Plus custom block insertion

Hello there! I've got a problem - I have a page with Innofit theme on it and I'd like to put htere my own div (e.g. button to a top menu), how can I do it?


  • Hi, @goldcvt

    If you want to put your own div then you can use the hook functionality of our theme.
    To do this, refer to this screenshot.

  • Great, can I have some examples? Like how to insert div block into the exact div container?

  • Hi,

    For example, you can add service section after the about section. 
    Screenshot 1:
    Screenshot 2:

  • I mean, if I'd like to put my div above the sider section, not below, what should I do?
  • Hi, 

    Please let us know you want a button on a top menu or you want a div in between menu and slider.
    If you want a button on a top menu then you can use this link.

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