I am not pleased with my purchace of Innofit Plus - it does not work for me the way i wanted. So I have written and asked for a refund, but have not heard anything from you yet... When can I expect to hear from you?


  • Hi, @floedefax

    Apologies for the inconvenience!

    Maybe you get confused because InnoFit Plus is a plugin. It's a advanced plugin that enhance premium features to the InnoFit theme

    All you need to do for the installtion, just install InnoFit Plus plugin and activate it. Now you can see all the premium features for your Activated InnoFit theme, that you can't see before InnoFit Plus plugin activation.

    Now you can edit/add/configure all sections, just refer to our Help Documents for it.

    You can also share me your admin details for the InnoFit Plus plugin installation on my email address:

    Let me know if any further assistance you need!

  • Hi Imraz

    I know about it being a plugin to enhance the theme. I got the information about that here in this forum, and after that I installed the theme and tried to configure it for my site. But I quickly found out that it did not live up to my expectations and requirements for my site, so therefore I deleted the theme and plugin, and then contacted you by mail and asked for a refund. Maybe I should have tested the free version of the theme a bit more before buying the full version, but I thought I would get the features I am missing in the full version.

  • So, how do I request a refund if not by mail?
  • Not to sound impatient, but am I going to get a response on this? I would really appreciate that.

  • Sorry for about your requirements are not matched with our InnoFit Plus. We are going to refund you but before could we know about what the feature does InnoFit Plus is missing or if there any part/section needs to do improvement in your opinion. 

    Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated!

    Thank You :)
  • As I said, maybe I should have tested the free version more before buying the plugin, but my reasons for not being satisfied with my purchase is; General look and feel - I need to be able to customize it more. Menu in top - I need to be able to have two menues in the top, not just one. Plugin compatibilty - my website use a few plugins that is important to me, and they do not work well with the Innofit theme. Product pages - i need more ways to configure how my productpages look. Front page - the frontpage options provided in Innofit does not suit what I am looking for.

    Again, sorry for not testing this better before buying the full version of Innofit, but I really appreciate your understanding of why I am asking for a refund. I have deleted the theme + plugin, and will not be using it any more.
  • Refund initiated!
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