Update to be compatible with FontAwesome plugin

Is it possible to update the innofit plus to be compatible with the font awesome plugin. The FA plugin is detecting the innofit theme as being not registered
They have provided the following:-
Contact the developer for the unregistered client and ask them to consider updating their code to register with this Font Awesome Official plugin. Let them know they can reach us at hello@fontawesome.com.



  • Hi, @ollieburnett

    Thanks for contacting us!

    Can you please let us know which plugin you are using. So that we will check at our end and assist you better.

  • The Plugin is the Font Awesome plug in, by Font Awesome version 4.0.0.rc13
  • Hi,

    When we are checking at our end this plugin is working properly with our theme. See the screenshot.
    Let us know by share the screenshot of the particular section where it is not working.

  • Hi

    Please see the screenshot 

  • Hi,

    It is just a note for the users who use this plugin. And it is working properly with our theme.
    We are checking this at our end. If you face any problem while using this, let us know.

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