Editing Business Template

I used the free version of SpicePress, then upgraded to Pro. I now cannot edit the Home Page without reverting back to the free version. After making changes,  and activating back to the Pro version the changes are lost. Can you advise, please? 

I'd also like to use the home page design we have created for each internal page, but with a larger text area. Is this possible?

Thirdly, how do you remove the large empty Footer? It has no purpose on our site and looks wrong.



  • devdev
    edited September 2019
    Hi, @invisink

    It's working fine at our end . May be the PRO version not installed properly at your end, please try after re-install the PRO version again by following our help article LINK.

    Yes we have given feature to show any section of the home page at any of your created page via shortcode LINK

    Let me know if the issue resolved!

  • Hi,

    Is your problem solved?
    If yes, allow us to close this discussion.

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