Non-critical style scripts are slowing down my page...

Hi Dudes. 

My site has experienced about 7 or 8 seconds for its first painting. According to the performance tools "Page Speed Insights" and "GTMetrix", this slowness is ought to the fact of non-critical style scripts are loading first than those critical. 

Another issue related is the fact of 3rd party scripts are loading first. 

Could you help me? 




  • Hi @erickmizuno,

    Please install one of the cache plugin to boost your site looding speed:

  • Hi, Dev. 

    I've tried this plugin (Asset Clean) but it doesn't work! 
    Running 'Page Speed Insights' (by Google) and 'GTmetrix', my site is still very slow because these non-critical style scripts are running first than everything else. 

    I asked a WP developer to perform the same task and his report was the same as the mine; the site was too slow yet because these issues. 

    Could you help me? 

  • Hi,

    Caching helps to speed up the site loading speed and for that, you can use the cache plugin. Please try this cache plugin if loading effect time does not have any difference by the previous plugin. You can please ignore the other Non-critical style script issues. It has a negligible effect on site speed. However, in the future we will resolve that even. So try and check loading speed difference in mobile as well as on desktop.

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